Dolphin Laundry

4221 Pleasant Valley Rd

Virginia Beach, VA 23464


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  1. I absolutely hate going to a laundry to do clothes. Ive only been to one 2 times before, and it was very frustrating and boring. I needed 2 comforters cleaned, which I couldnt do at home. I called Dolphin on the 19th, got a wonderful, friendly response from the woman working the desk, I had 2 king comforters, and the price was $14 each for drop off and they do the wash and dry, and I pick up later. I could bring them now if I wanted to.
    It was clean, the lady at the desk whom I had talk to was still there (wonderful woman- caucasion, prob early 50’s), and all I had to do was leave the comforters and my detergent and softener. This was at 1:00 and she gave me my slip and said they would be ready by 3. Only 2hrs? Knowing I would still have to wait, I returned at 3, and she pulled a bag from behind the counter which had both comforters cleaned, fresh, folded, and I was ready to leave. I was shocked to say the least. She informed me they will also do your regular laundry if ever needed, at 89cents per pound. Not a bad thing to keep in mind should an occasion arise.
    I not only got fantastic service by a friendly staff, but I saved money. To wash and dry myself would have been 12-15 most places by the time you used 2 big daddy washers, then paid for the dryer. 30 each to have them dry cleaned. I am very impressed.
    I will use Dolphin again, and recommend them to all my friends. Its nice to find a business who cares about the client, and does what they say they will do!

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